“ELDER person A RELATIONSHIP YOUNG WOMAN” in the KJV scripture

“ELDER person A RELATIONSHIP YOUNG WOMAN” in the KJV scripture

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Deuteronomy 22:22 | viewpoint entire part | See verse in situation If one be discovered sleeping with lady attached to a spouse, then they shall each of them expire, both the person that lie with the woman , in addition to the wife : hence shalt thou store evil from Israel.

Romans 9:12 | viewpoint complete part | See verse in context It actually was mentioned unto her, The senior shall serve younger .

Genesis 9:24 | Check out entire phase | determine verse in context And Noah awoke from his drink, and recognized exactly what his or her more youthful boy had finished unto him or her.

Generation 29:26 | read complete segment | determine verse in perspective And Laban stated, it should not be hence carried out in our nation, to supply the younger before the firstborn.

Luke 22:26 | perspective full section | identify verse in context But ye shall never be therefore: but this individual this is perfect among you, leave him getting because jr. ; so he which primary, since he that doth offer.

Generation 29:16 | viewpoint complete segment | identify verse in perspective And Laban had two daughters: the name associated with the elder am Leah, while the name regarding the young had been Rachel. […]