Column: Muslim military chaplain recalls Pentagon violent fight aftermath

Column: Muslim military chaplain recalls Pentagon violent fight aftermath

Chaplain Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad at this point counsels veterans from the V.A. in La Jolla

“amazing” is just how military Chaplain Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad discussed the carnage at Pentagon after militant Islamic terrorists commandeered and damaged an American air companies jet into U.S. military advanced on Sept. 11, 2001.

In 1994, he’d end up being the basic military chaplain of Muslim faith from inside the U.S. military and is working on Walter Reed domestic armed forces Medical Center once the radical approach happened.

Five-member teams of psychologists, friendly staff and chaplains comprise instantly sent within the Pentagon, allotted to manage around-the-clock in eight-hour changes.

For three weeks, Muhammad applied to basic responders, bing search and save workers, the police officers, Pentagon personnel, healthcare workers and anybody who looked pastoral advice or worry debriefing as recovery process came about and stays were taken from the crash internet site.

Within each and every day, big U.S. banner had been erected at what was remaining of this crumbled, scorched wall of this Pentagon the spot that the aircraft had damaged, Muhammad recalls. Scent of aircraft gas lingered for days. The guy portrays the ensuing presented a mess as similar to a fire drill 100 moments beyond the intensity consumers probably have used part in at a school or office block. […]