Exactly why is a ‘sugar father’ funded knowledge offered as empowering to lady?

Exactly why is a ‘sugar father’ funded knowledge offered as empowering to lady?

By Kasey Edwards

Worried about that HECS debts, ladies? Stress no, because this is an awesome brand-new option to afford your very own studies. Have yourself a refreshing earlier chap to fund they!

That’s the communication from a freshly released pr release sent to myself by a dating site that couples young women with “glucose daddies”. Since the web site states, all you need to carry out in return for your no-cost training is actually “satisfy [his] needs” with “no strings fastened”.

Strings fastened: Ask yourself this a€“ what exactly do You’d Like? Thought long and hard. Loan: Stocksy

“These individuals are generally taking an aggressive solution to tackle his or her individual personal debt, while plenty other youngsters can be troubled by it for many years,” squeals the pr release.

I’m sure what you’re really imagining. There has to be a catch? As there are: a never-ending risk of blackmail. Because even although you may not be “haunted” by a HECS personal debt, there is the long-term threat of becoming outed as a sugar child.

Being clear, I’m not suggesting there’s things incorrect with ladies setting up with rich older people. If that is exactly what floats their watercraft, next more power to you.

But swapping sexual solutions for a training isn’t really prone to perform outside effectively whenever these sugars infants strike the employees begin to go up in seniority.

Figure if a sweets newly born baby were to type in politics, become a CEO or create a job in the media or general public existence. One telephone call from a jilted sugars dad, his spouse, or a disgruntled employees with the dating site, and she would get accused of sleeping their way to the very best a lot quicker than it is possible to claim “Monica Lewinsky 2.0”. […]