Volley Clean Tequila Seltzer Launches Brand-new Packing

Volley Clean Tequila Seltzer Launches Brand-new Packing

Their beverage should last. That’s the reason why Volley, the award-winning tequila seltzer created using just three thoroughly clean components (100per cent blue agave tequila, sparkling h2o, and natural liquid) established the rollout of a packaging innovation featuring a foil topper. At last, a hard seltzer that’s both clean on the inside and clean on the outside!


“We began Volley because we weren’t watching whatever you were hoping to find from inside the RTD industry and noticed the necessity to write a brand name around component openness,” stated Co-Founder Christopher Wirth. “The undeniable fact that the TTB doesn’t require element labeling or nutritional details like FDA do, surprised us. Our very own packaging invention is actually extremely exciting for all of us caused by two things. 1st, they demonstrates the fact you are doing need to flip the can because there is actual, organic juices (never from direct) inside. Genuine liquid settles, flip the might! Secondly, permits all of our consumers getting satisfaction the do they really become getting their unique lips on is without having any bacterium or germs that is especially important during a time of increased questions. Studies have shown worrisome levels of bacterium could possibly get onto cans through the provide sequence on their method to consumers’ lips. We’re on a mission to construct the cleanest goods feasible and this is one step for all of us over the trip.”


Imagine the world’s most readily useful tequila seltzer. Today envision they in a can.