The fifteen dudes we’ve all satisfied on Grindr

The fifteen dudes we’ve all satisfied on Grindr

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Any time you’ve ever signed onto Grindr, we’re gambling you have appear across/on/with a minumum of one of these men. Bring safe appreciate all of our handy self-help guide to the men of Grindr.

Somebody just stolen your!

Chances are high, fellow Grindr user, it was one of them guys (perhaps not number eight, though). Regardless of who you are, where you login or what opportunity really, you’ll pick these men illuminating their grid. Who happen to be they really? In which carry out they show up from? Are you currently one of those? Maybe we’ll can’t say for sure.

Continue reading in regards to our useful user’s help guide to the fifteen dudes we’ve all came across on Grindr.

1. The Goldfish

Just how could you be? Big many thanks. Exactly how will you be? Big thanks a lot. How are you presently?

Your own talk to this guy will consist of equivalent openers again and again, without followup, normally a few weeks aside.

2. The Crush

*heavy breathing*

He’s unzipping you with their vision and he’s had gotten that little swirl of upper body locks. You know his visibility by cardiovascular system and you also’ve stalked him across Facebook, Instagram plus LinkedIn. You’ve never, actually started fearless or drunk sufficient to actually message him.

3. Mr Mixed Communications

Looking for FRIENDS ONLY, here to fulfill real dudes. NOT AFTER HOOKUPS

Leads with six nudes and ‘looking?’

4. The Stolen Pics Chap

People is utilizing my personal photos

Is he actually the prey of identity theft, or do the guy just want you to definitely know his pictures tend to be hot enough your black market? There’s just one strategy to find aside.

5. A Fitness Center Pal

Anyone raise northside? LF gym pal.

Will likely call your ‘bro’. Count on some unorthodox cardiovascular. Bonus points should you ever really wind up on gymnasium.

6. The Cruel Joke

You 100% don’t flip?

He’s completely best: sexy, regional, current together with testing, and offered nowadays… but you’re both overall surfaces.

7. The Intellectual Blank

Hey man! Exactly how are you presently?

He understands the name. He understands you really have your dog and which area you reside. Seemingly you have spoke before, therefore went into him that certain times from the supermarket. You have absolutely no idea whom he could be.

8. The Try Not To Engage Man


The app’s a lot of polarising ability try a deal-breaker for this guy, and he’s not afraid to let you know regarding it.

9. The Entire Package

Say hello! Fun, friendly, adventurous. 156m out

Their pic does indeed seem fun, friendly and daring. The guy wants pets, the coastline and dumplings. He’s completed everything on their visibility, he’s obvious with what he’s seeking and he’s up-front along with his HIV condition, whether he’s on PrEP once he past have tried for STIs. Is this real life?

10. The Collector

Any longer pictures?

Gotta capture ‘em completely! He wants the photos. Enjoyable for many swap-n-share, although dialogue will minimize once the pictures create.

11. The Finishing Down Deal

Deleting this app

Enter quickly since this man completely, certainly, a lot of per cent will never be back online when he will get annoyed in fourteen days.

12. The Aspiring Erotic Novelist

Thus subsequently I’ll elevates inside bedroom…

You’ll wanted a hand cost-free for this one.

13. The decision comes from indoors

Hello there. You’re upwards late. We noticed your on place now.

No photo. Blank profile. Not weird at all.

14. Master Phrase


It’s no happenstance that a gay guy damaged the Enigma code. This guy’s profile will tell you all you need to discover, when you can decrypt it.

15. The Whack-a-Mole

Hello again! What happened for your requirements?

Your prevent he at least one time a week, but the guy helps to keep swallowing straight back upwards. He’s either had gotten a lot of accounts or some equipment.

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